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July 4, 2019

G1 Climax 29: B Block Preview!

Like Andy Williams said, 'It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year'...

Fuck, man. It's the G1 Climax! It's basically the reason I haven't watched any wrestling in a month, and why I probably won't be watching much for the month after it's over. Can't let yourself get burned out. I'm covering the B Block alone here because it's the block that I'll be following in it's entirely this year. If you want to see someone's opinions on A Block, go check out my co-blogger Justin's A Block preview here. Probably 5 people will read this blog and I'm loaded on craft beer. Let's fucking break this down.

"Death Rider"
Jon Moxely
Age: 33
Pro Debut:2004
G1s: 1
Title History: 1x IWGP US heavyweight Champion (Current), 1x WWE Champion, 3x WWE Intercontinental Champion, 1x WWE US Champion, 2x WWE RAW Tag Team Champion, 2x CZW World Heavyweight Champion
Adopted Shota Umino as his son at Dominion this year.
Man, Jon's doing fucking great for himself. I hope he makes it through this tournament unscathed, With Ishii and Cobb in this block, I'm hoping Mox doesn't get dumped on his pretty face too much. As much as I'm looking forward to the singles matches he'll be in, I'm just as excited to see him in the opening tag matches with his new son Shota Umino. Hopefull he can give Shota the edge he needs to one day fight Kaito Kiyomiya and beat him.

"The Flamboyant"
Juice Robinson
Age: 30
Pro Debut:2008
G1s: 3
Title History: 2x IWGP US Heavyweight Champion
Somehow went from too much dread to not enough dread in like two years
Well, Juice has certainly been loose since the last G1. After a run that could be considered "meh" he lost and regained and lost his US title again. I wish I could be more excited for him, but if this year isn't a shot in his arm via major pickups over Naito, Moxley, or Ishii, I don't know what to tell you about him.

June 5, 2019

Pro Wrestling NOAH Presents: Global Junior Tag League, Night One

ImageWell, it's been a while. Don't really have an excuse, but I'm here now, and I'm gonna be reviewing what I can. So, starting off this fourth(?) run of trying to review wrestling is the first night of Pro Wrestling NOAH's Global Junior Tag League. The downside is that the actual tournament matches on the card tonight were outdone by the semi-main and main event 6-mans that followed them. There is an upside, though, in that this was a perfect show that a non-fan of NOAH could jump in on. What do I mean by that? Hopefully once you've heard me talk about this card you'll see why.

Akitoshi Saito, Masao Inoue and Shuhei Taniguchi vs. Mitsuya Nagai and 50 Funky Powers (Mohammed Yone and Quiet Storm)
I think the best thing I can say about this match is that it was inoffensive. There was nothing in this match that would cause someone to not keep watching the show, but I also wouldn't highly recommend it to anyone. It's the opener, what're you gonna do. Taniguchi eventually got the submission on Quiet Storm with some kind of Hammerlock Camel Clutch.

Tadasuke (RATELS) vs. Yoshiki Inamura (Kongoh)
Yoshiki is, or was, one of the local Young Boys in NOAHand he's only been here for less than a year. Although he's now in Kongoh (more on these glorious bastards later) I don't know whether his graduation was official or not. Here he squared off against Tadasuke of RATELS, who I've always subconciously classified as "the other RATEL" between him and his three stablemates. Inamura had a really fun match with Yuji Hino at the finals of the Tag League in early MAy I suggest you try and find, but this match turned out to be alright. Yoshiki landed an Oklahoma Stampede, getting brownie points from me, and went for what looked like a copy of Yuji Hino's FUCKING BOMB, which I will henceforth refer to as the GODDAMN BOMB if it becomes a regular thing. Tadasuke got out of the attempted plagiarism and after some quick pin attempts he nailed the rookie in the back with an elbow and got the pin with some kind of clutch. A neat match that did a good job at showcasing Inamura, even in loss.

February 9, 2019

Archive Dive: G1 2006/ Wrestle Kingdom 1

No one tells you how unstable it is trying to review wrestling...or reviewing anything, probably.

There's a lot of lows, with time crunches to be the first one to talk about a show, being able to see exactly how many people aren't reading your reviews, and I still don't think I've recovered from last summer when I tried to watch all of the G1 and it shut my brain down for a week. But there's highs. Seeing the people that are reading some of the reviews of a relatively nobody never-done is astounding and it's been nice to share my thoughts on wrestling with the world at large. So how do I work around the parts of doing a wrestling blog I don't like while still doing it? New Japan World and ROH's Honorclub have huge libraries that, while not complete, have a lot of matches that people probably don't know about. Combine that with my want to get as much of my money's worth out of the subscriptions as possible, and I was struck with inspiration.

An Epiphany.

No time limits, no pressure. Most of Falcon Arrow Emporium is going to be focused around diving into these backlogs, wading through them like Zhang Liao in a Dynasty Warriors game, and finding what's good, what's great, and what's worth $10 a month for. There'll still probably be reviews of modern stuff scattered around (NOAH, ZERO-1, Anything else that might really interest me) and I still want to do a monthly Top TV match list. But as for New Japan and ROH? I'll get to modern stuff when I get to it.

Doing my research for this project (Read: After watching New Japan's CHAOS history video), originally I was going to start with dissolution of Great Bash Heel in April of 2009. But then I started digging a little father (Read: going to the GBH Wikipedia article), I found out the roots of Great Bash start coincidentally a few months before the original Wrestle Kingdom. Review every Wrestle Kingdom? Sounds fucking mad right? Well I'm that kind of fucking mad, so let's do this. ROH will come along when we get to it in the timeline as set by Honorclubs limits (2011). so let's go back in time, to August of 2006. The G1 was two blocks of 5. Liger was in one of the blocks (it did not go well for him, 1-4) and the stage is set for the finals. Satoshi Kojima, who at the time was part of All Japan Pro Wrestling's roster, taking on New Japan's Hiroyoshi Tenzan. The 3rd Generation explodes!...for the 3rd time since Kojima left New Japan.

G1 Finals
Satoshi Kojima vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Tenzan looks incredibly trim here, which is either due to him gaining bulk over the years or black being a truly slimming color. This little under half hour match was something interesting to watch 13 years later. the biggest profile match I've seen out of either man here came from their NEVER Title shots against Shibata in 2016. The two were very evenly matched throughout the contest, with Kojima occasionally taking advantage using underhanded means. nothing as glaring as a low blow,  small things like taking a little longer to break when Tenzan reached the ropes, or "accidentally" raking his opponents eyes in an attempt to escape a hold. Tenzan made up for what his opponent was doing by using his sheer power advantage over him. He would win most of the strike exchanges, and capitalized with moves off the top rope more than Kojima did. Satoshi tried to take a count out victory by first DDTing Tenzan on the apron, then Lariating him over the ropes as he got back in the first time. As the match goes on, it's fun to spot the wrestlers surrounding the ring, like Makabe and his clearly fried yellow hair or the sphere that is Nakanishi. As the match picked up, Tenzan started busting out bigger and harder moves, leading to the anaconda Vice from him for the first time in the match. Kojima had applied it earlier but both times the Vicee reached the ropes to escape. Kojima hits a Koji Cutter out of a blocked Lariat, which is a new one for me, before going for another Lariat and being caught for a slam leading to the Anaconda Vice, which everyone thought would be the end. Kojima raked eyes out of it, before leading into two flesh crashing Lariats that should have been it for New Japan's chances. But, after kicking out, tenzan decided something needed to be done about all this, and proceeded to chop the ever loving piss out of Kojima's arm. After he nearly took his opponents arm off like a Buzz Lightyear action figure, Tenzan executed a pair of perfect Big Man Moonsaults, and two Tenzan Tombstone Drivers for the pin.

3, Koraku 1-chrome, Bunkyo, Tokyo Japan
The Home of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Yomiuri Giants
42,000 seats
The Big Egg
The Motherfucking Dome.

I just wanted another excuse to do that intro. Let's get into the undercard.

El Samurai, Masanobu Fuchi, and Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Akira Raijin, Kikutaro, and Nobutaka Araya
Ryusuke Taguchi looks like he wishes he were literally anywhere other than this match. Kikutro was Back Suplexed, DDT's, and Dodon'd to be pinned at the end of this short, bizarre match.
*, only because of Taguchi's bitchin' pants

Gedo and Jado vs. MAZADA and NOSAWA Rongai (Tokyo Gurentai)

An okay contest. Jado and Gedo are really good asa tag team and it showed here. Going to be honest when I say that I had no idea who NOSAWA and MAZADA were before this match and I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see them again in the future. Superbomb from the top rope followed by a frog splash by Gedo for the pin.

Buchanan, D-Lo Brown and Travis Tomko vs. Togi Makabe, Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano (Great Bash Heels)

D'lo Brown and Tomohiro Ishii were in the ring at the same time here, which is something right out of a custom Fire Pro Wrestling Promotion. Entertained by the time capsule that is the GBH team, knowing what directions Ishii and Yano will take in the future, and how uninspired they really were in the ring here. Match ends when Buchanan is hit in the back with a chair and Lariated by Makabe. Only seek out as a curiosity, not if you're looking for a good match
* 1/2

Suwama, TARU (Voodoo Murders), Giant Bernard, and RO'Z  vs. Manabu Nakanishi, Naofumi Yamamoto, Riki Choshu and Takashi Iizuka

The Chosu coalition was winning early, until they decided to tag Naofumi (now YoshiTatsu) in, who was promptly and immediately taken advantage of. During the beatdown of Yamamoto, we got a shot of the commentators, including my new favorite picture of the week; Yoshihiro Takayama in a Hawaiin shirt, looking as unimpressed as anyone who's ever been on commentary.
I feel you, man. This undercard has been a slog.
I thought this would be another match on the pile of skippables until Nakanishi tagged in and started going nuts. I get why this man was IWGP Heavyweight Champion now. He out the Rack on TARU, and when Suwama tried to save his friend, Manabu chucked the Fuck from his shoulders ONTO THE CHARGING SUWAMA. All this before Racking (Read: Olympic Slammed) RO'Z, who I want to remind you was about 300 pounds. A fucking Monster, was Monster Morning here. Unfortunately, someone decided to tag Yamamoto back in, who Suwama killed with a Bridging Backdrop Driver. Catch the last five minutes of this one.

Jushin Thunder Liger, Minoru, Milano Collection AT (CTU), Shuji Kondo and YASSHI (Voodoo Murders) vs. Kaz Hayashi, Koji Kanemoto, TAKA Michinoku, Tiger Mask and Wataru Inoue
Fuck's Sake. No.
i'm sorry if this comes off as unprofessional, but I'm a Lab Technician not Dave Meltzer, so excuse me if this one isnt as deep as it could be. But I knew a grand total of three of the men who started this match. Two of them wear masks, and TAKA is an ageless demi-god who hasn't changed since 1997. I know many of these men, just by name, were staples of Junior Heavyweight action in their times, but their times were not my times. You want to send me Minoru or Wataru Inoue matches, be my guest. But here, it was just "Liger and four bodies" against "Tiger Mask, TAKA, and three bodies". Tiger Mask won by Tiger Suplexing a man who I think was YASSHI.

Oh wait, I figured out Milano Collection based on the Paradise Lock. So...Yeah, thanks for that SANADA.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Toshiaki Kawada

Okay, Undercard over. Let's get serious with a fucking serious match.

There was a definite feel in the air between these two men. Shinsuke came in looking like he had something to prove, Kawada had another body to put in the ground. This was the greatest story in wrestling of the young upstart and the confident veteran.

Fuck. Yes.

Kawada was definitely easily the more powerful man in the ring this night, but Shinsuke was willing to cut whatever corners he could to win this match. Holding on after rope breaks, taking every shot that was open to him, nothing was held back. And then, Shinsuke slapped Kawada, and Kawada proceeded to beat the fuck out of this young man. At that moment, not 5 minutes in, the future multi time IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion was on the fast track to losing this match. Despite his best efforts, trying hard to power through being dumped on his head, and cinching in armbars multiple times, it was all for naught by the end. A sick powerbomb from Kawada got a one count. A Brainbuster got a two. Shinsuke, going for what I could only assume was the only thing he could think to try, went for Kawada's legs and cracked himself against his foe's knee. Twice, somehow, it wasn't his best night. That put Nakamura out for the three. Not the greatest match on the show, or either man's best, but it was still very good.

Triple Crown Championship [2nd Defense]
Minoru Suzuki (c) vs. Yuji Nagata

I never thought I'd enjoy watching Uncle Murder and Uncle Justice fighting each other, or at least as much as I did here. I just see them as two completely different entities who, in todays New Japan, just wouldn't meet in a full blown contest. But not even two minutes in they decide to slap the piss into each other, and it's on from that point. Suzuki took over early, taking Nagata outside and busting him open with a chair against the post. Unfortunately, this only managed, once Yuji busted Minoru up himself, to invigorate the challenger. For maybe the third time in my watching history, Suzuki is on the ropes and getting kicked down at every step for the better part of the match. He'd start a comeback here and there, including a sweet reversal from an exploder and hitting the Gotch piledriver at one point in the match, but Nagata seemed to have his number the whole time. Yuji had the title won, Suzuki was dead to rights, wasn't coming back. But he got the cover, the ref counts 1, counts 2, and New Japan's challenger lifted the champions shoulder up. Because it was apparently time to go to school. That one opportunity, like any time in a Minoru Suzuki match, was all it took to doom Nagata. Minoru fired up with strikes after this insult, stopped a backdrop, and locked in a Rear Naked Choke for the win. Hopefully I haven't understressed how awesome this match was. Definitely paired well with the previous match.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship [3rd Defense]
Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Taiyo Kea

Look at that fucking beauty of a belt.
Having never seen Taiyo before, I was very impressed by his athleticism. I almost was admiring how good he was, until he NAILED TANAHASHI WITH A LANDSLIDE ON EXPOSED CONCRETRE. HOW DARE YOU USE A COUSIN OF THE FALCON ARROW IN SUCH A TERRIFYING WAY. I'd Gif it, but I don't want New Japan taking my blog down before it even gets too far off the ground. Taiyo took over most of the match from here, just annihilating Tanahashi in the ring. Using a great combination of strength and athleticism to take apart the defending champion. Tana showed some bursts of life, but each time he tried to capitalize on a mistake, he was shut down and the beating continued. Kea hoisted Tanahashi into the Fireman's position to finish him off, when Hiroshi slipped behind him and started to fire back. With this renewed energy, the fight became very back and forth, each man gaining advantage when he could and trying to end the match. Taiyo's last big moves came in the form of a Saito suplex and a Sleeper slam that dumped the champion right on his head. Yeowch. A normal man would be defeated by this, but even 12 years ago Tanahashi was not a normal man. He fought long enough to catch Kea with a Strait Jacket German, a Dragon Suplex, and finally putting Taiyo away with the High Fly Flow. A great match.

Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima vs. Keiji Muto and Masahiro Chono
Mutoh immediately cleaned house with Shining wizards.

February 5, 2019

This Month on The Online, January 2019

Image result for ring of honor impact wrestling
Wrestling in America right now is fucking awesome.

I know that that seems kind of moronic to say, but to me it's true. I've been so buried in New Japan for the past few years, I haven't really been paying attention to the American companies. I knew Impact was not only still alive, but doing good, that ROH was recently signing like a dozen new, major stars, and that a company named Major League Wrestling vaguely existed. well, with a new year came a new interest in getting away from New Japan. At least in terms of being my entire focus. I've wanted to do articles like this ever since I started Falcon Arrow Emporium, and I'm glad I finally got to do it starting in 2019. A few things to have in mind as you read my Top 10.

1) I'm new to this format, so if I seem jumbled and disjointed in my recaps, that's why. I'm much more used to reviewing full shows. Hopefully I'll get better as I continue this.
2) I'm only watching ROH, Impact, and MLW right now, because those are easy for me to watch and easy for me to get into with the familiar faces and convenient methods of watching. I might watch more companies in the future, but for now these are the only groups I'll be watching.
3) This is my opinion, the way every wrestling fan has an opinion. My taste isn't yours or the next readers. I'm just letting people know what matches I recommend from the given month, this isn't me trying to make a definite list of final quality.

Got it? Cool, let's get going.

10) Rich Swann vs. El Hijo de Vikingo
Impact Wrestling, 1.25.19
Taking the lowest spot this month is a match featuring a wrestler who was instantly made in my eyes. Before watching this episode of Impact, I had no idea who El Hijo de Vikingo (SON OF THE FUCKING VIKING) was. After this match I think I need to find more of him. He was pretty good here and he has a look that speaks to me on a styles clashing level. This was also the first match of the Impacts that took place in Mexico, and this crowd was just alive. Rich Swann was dominant for most of it, breaking down with Vikingo trying everything he had in the end, before Rich 450'd him from the middle rope, which was like 4 feet in the air.

9) Moose vs. Brian Cage
Impact Wrestling, 1.18.19 you like Hoss Fights, this was your big match of the month. Moose probably shattered his hand chopping the ring post outside at some point, based on the noise it made. It effected him through the whole match, but he was still able to hold control for most of it. But Cage is, in fact, a fucking Machine, and he was able to come back and nail Moose (who is 6'5" and almost 300 lbs.) with a Drill Claw (Which is the Steiner Screwdriver, so Jesus Christ). Low on the list but I still heavily enjoyed it.

8) The Rascalz vs. The Lucha Bros.
Impact Wrestling, 1.11.19
I didn't really know who the Rascalz were before I started watching wrestling this month, but they've really started impressing me, despite the Rufio/Lost Boys thing they do all the damn time. Not much to talk about here, just a wild, 800 moves at 70 miles an hour. Lucha Bros. are awesome, and I hope they get those fat AEW checks for a long time.

7) Dragon Lee vs. Rich Swann
Major League Wrestling, 1.12.19
Major League wrestling breaks Impact's hold on this month's top ten with a real great opener from a few weeks ago. What starts as an even contest of sportsmanship is turned quickly by Swann as he takes the liberties he saws fit to steal. Dragon Lee came back from it though, and eventually pinned his opponent after a Suplex into a powerbomb that has a name I don't trust myself to type properly. Fun match, places higher than 8 by the virtue of Swann taking over for most and Dragon making a good show of coming back.

6)Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack
Impact Wrestling, 1.11.19
A rematch from the Pay-Per-View the previous Sunday. Sami and Willie fought for a series of roll ups towards the end, before Sami went for a Piledriver that Mack countered for a roll-up pinfall. Better than the match from the previous night in my mind, both of these men could step up and be contenders for the Heavyweight title in Impact, or any other company, whenever they really wanted to. Not as Hoss a Hoss fight as Number 9, but a better match than Moose and Cage by virtue of the final minutes in the ring.

5) Low Ki vs. Fred Yehi for the MLW Heavyweight Championship
Major League Wrestling, 1.12.19
The first MLW match on the list and the first title match. Low Ki is some kind of next level when it comes to presentation, if this past month of MLW has shown me anything. This title defense came on the same show as Tommy Dreamer and Brian Pillman caning each other (more on that later) and kind of came out of nowhere to me. It was a great, tense match that had the definite air of a heavyweight title match. Unfortunately, Fred Yehi was definitely not as ready for Low Ki as he needed to be to even survive. Despite being kicked around for a good part of the match, Fred managed to try and take it to the champion, but it proved futile a lot of the time. Low Ki seemed 2 steps ahead of him at most points. Ki caught Fred on the top rope, threw him down, and Double Foot Stomped him. Would have liked to see it go longer, but what we got was still good.

4) Tracey Williams vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.
 of Honor, 1.11.19
I fucking love technical wrestling, and I'm going to be very bias at times on these lists. But I believe even beyond my bias this was a fantastic match. I really can't go into detail with a match like this because I'd just be going " And then Zack put him in a hold, then Tracey escaped and put him in a hold, then Zack tried escaping and-" yeah you get it. Match ends with Zack locking in...
Hold on, lemme find the proper name...

"Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness"

...Wait, all these wacky submissions have names?

3) Brian Pillman, Jr. vs Tommy Dreamer, Singapore Cane Match
Major League Wrestling, 1.12.19 you this one was coming back.
 Let me make it public right now. I love Brian Pillman, Jr. I love him as much as a heterosexual man can love another heterosexual pro wrestler he may never actually meet. I wasn't a wrestling fan while his father was still alive, but I'm a fan for this glorious fucker. I'm not one for no-DQ style matches, especially halfway through a feud, but this one was great. All you needed was both men's promos before the match to grasp the general feel of the match. Brian came out in like 4 layers of clothing that were ceremoniously stripped as the match went on. I didn't think I'd be a hyped for the match as a whole as I ended up being, I've been weary of Tommy for a while now. But I'm glad I was proven wrong. Pillman won with a Strait Jacket Neckbreaker after going back and forth with Tommy with the canes and various other plunder. This match is on Youtube for free,GWN or Honorclub needed. Go fucking watch it.

2) Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross, Street Fight
Impact Wrestling, 1.11.19
Taking the silver medal this month is not, in fact, the Impact Heavyweight title match from the end of the month. Rather, its Johnny Impact and Killer Kross' Street Fight from a few weeks prior. If there's one wrestler I'm really hot on since watching Impact again, it's Kross. I demand a Low Ki and Killer Kross match with UWFi rules. We need this on the next Jericho Cruise. This fight was great in showcasing Johnny as the big dog in house (even though he fucked Cage over at Homecoming) and Kross came out as a dominant force that could take the title, really at any time he wanted to. They fought outside for a long time, they had a lot of good exchanges in the ring, copious plunder was introduced, and none of it really felt out of place. Impact almost had Kross, before Moose of #9 fame ran in to distract the champion long enough to give Kross the time to hook in a Rear Naked Choke. I loved this match, and I almost put it as number one. But, after watching this match and the eventual number one, I couldn't make that choice.

1) So Cal Uncensored vs. The Briscoes for the ROH Tag team Championships
Ring of Honor, 1.11.19

Image result for scu vs briscoesWhen I first watched this match, I kind of knew that this wouldn't be topped. All action, all hype, completely ROH Tag title style. The fans ate it up the entire way through. It started hot and heavy with SCU giving no fucks throwing chairs in the ring. Briscoes, not liking to take any kind of shit without throwing some themselves, responded in kind with weapons. SCU tried everything to get their tag titles back within the scope of the rules, and several times it looked like they were going to get their belts back. But the Briscoes persisted, as they do, eliminating Scorpio Sky from the equation with a Jay Driller, leaving Frankie alone to fight off the champions. He put a great fight, getting up when most people really would've chosen to stay down, but was finally planted with a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combination for the pin. It wasn't the biggest technical showcase, or maybe the match with the biggest personal issue, or involving my favorite wrestlers, but this match had the air of a war, and the crowd was insane and fueled on bloodshed and violence the whole way.

Thanks for reading! I'm glad that I can turn my passion for wrestling into something that so many people enjoy. If you want to get regular updates on when I release more reviews, or want to read me randomly yell about wrestling as I watch it, you can follow me at Twitter at @LSWayne21. And if you're still looking for your fix on wrestling, check out, where I got my start in reviewing and still contribute from time to time.
All of Impact Wrestling's shows are archived on Global Wrestling Network 
All of Major Leage Wrestling's shows are archived on Youtube 
All of Ring of Honor's shows are archived on ROH's website.

December 31, 2018

Coming up on New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 13, Koraku 1-chrome, Bunkyo, Tokyo Japan
The Home of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Yomiuri Giants
42,000 seats
The Big Egg
The Motherfucking Dome.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's New Year's show time, and the biggest show of them all is New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom. Since I've started watching New Japan, it seems like they've successfully upped the ante and delivered each January 4th. The card this year looks to deliver the same high caliber insanity as years past, people are already calling this 2019's show of the year. Will it be? My bets are always on Dominion personally, but I don't know if they can make a card that can top this. We'll save that discussion for July. Ten matches, eight titles,five potential show stealers. I'm joined for the first time on my blog by Justin of to break down these matches best as we can. Let's cut the filler and get right to it.

NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship #1 Contender's Match

Landon: We've got one clusterfuck of a bumblefuck replacing another this year, with the gauntlet taking place of the much loved (by me at least) New Japan Rumble. The winners get a title match the next night, so it'll either be the first team out or the last team out for the match. My money's on the piecemeal team of Yuji Nagata, Jeff Cobb, and David Finlay to take it here. Yes, really, that's a team.

Justin: First off, goddammit this show's gonna be insane.  As of this moment WrestleKingdom 9 is my favorite PPV of all time, and this could very easily eclipse that one.  There is so much variety, so much talent, and so many potential show stealers I'm not even sure which match I'm most excited about. 
Ok, on to the gauntlet match.  I'm actually glad this is replacing the Rumble this year, as I was never much into the NJ Rumbles.  I'm also glad this match is on the pre-show, as it's been a bit of a throwaway in past years.  But it should be entertaining nonetheless.  Gotta go with Suzuki and KES to take it down.  They're overqualified for this match and this division, but this'll be their consolation prize for not being on the main card.
NEVER Openweight Championship [1st Defense]
Kota Ibushi (c) vs. Will Ospreay (Chaos)

Landon: This match is the Opener. Hashimoto help us all. The past six months has been chaotic for the NEVER Openweight Championship, with a total of five title changes since Dominion. I'm legitimately afraid someone might die in this match, more so than the wild brawl I assume Jericho and Naito is going to turn into. I think Ibushi retains, where he goes from here I don't know. But we need a solid NEVER Champion to be able to hold onto the title for a long time.

Justin: They're nuts for putting this match first, as it's gonna be a really tough act to follow.  I just hope they don't get shortchanged on time.  Give Ibushi and Ospreay 20 minutes and this could be the Match of the Year.  At the very least it's gonna be in the running for greatest PPV opener of all time.  Ibushi just won the title so it should stay on him for a long while.  However, Ospreay will build his reputation as a new heavyweight with his performance here.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship [5th Defense]
El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (Suzuki-Gun) (c) vs. SHO and YOH (Chaos) vs. Bushi and Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon)

Landon: Suzuki-Gun will have held the titles for a total of 304 days by the time the bell rings on this match, the healthiest reign a Junior tag team has had since I started watching four years ago. But I'm sure they're going to finally lose their stranglehold on the belts here tonight. I think Bushi and Shingo take the belts here, Shingo is destined for great things in New Japan and this would be the first stop in a great 2019. Sorry 3K, you deserve better, but the momentum falls in the corner of LIJ.

Justin: For some reason they made both tag title matches into 3-ways but I'm okay with it in both cases; the third team being added should undoubtedly improve each match.  SZGN obviously has to drop the belts here, but to whom?  Sho and Yoh are overdue for another run, but Bushi and Shingo are the hot Jr. team.  I'd say LIJ should get the belts here and RPG3K should chase them for a few months. 

RevPro British Undisputed Heavyweight Championship (3rd Defense)
Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) (c) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (Suzuki-Gun)

Landon: This is preemptively my pick for favorite match on this show. Zack is great at his craft, Ishii is great at being Ishii, and they've had 4 matches to build up strategy for each other. It's 3-1 to Ishii in singles matches over the past two years, but I think Zack wins here on the big show. Poor Ishii can't get a singles win at Wrestle Kingdom. I wish i had more to say, but I have no words besides the general grunts of excitement.

Justin:Another show stealing candidate pits the bruiser against the mechanic.  This match will be simultaneously brutal and balletic.  Striking vs. finesse.  I'll go with ZSJ to regain the strap.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship [1st Defense]
Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa (Bullet Club Firing Squad) (c) vs. EVIL and SANADA (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs. Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson (Bullet Club Elite)

Landon: My appetite for this match is really spoiled after I learned it was going to be a three way like the Jr. match. I really don't see a reason, other than having twin Magic killers to each Jackson, who will roll out of the ring for 15 minutes. Young Bucks, go home. Firing Squad wins.  Maybe it'll be a good tag match.

Justin: The Bucks will compete in the Dome for the Heavyweight Tag Titles for the first time.  That there is pretty cool.  This match should be a wild one, full of nonstop action.  Normally I'd say Matt & Nick would be a lock to regain the belts, but with this AEW business I'm not sure where things stand.  I assume AEW will essentially replace ROH as the de facto North American arm of New Japan, and the Elite guys will continue to be a major presence on both continents.  If that's the case, the Bucks would still be a safe bet to win.  But with everything still being up in the air one of the other two teams will probably win this.  Given all the other likely title changes I'll go with GOD to retain.

Image result for wrestle kingdom 13

IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Championship [1st Defense]
Cody (Bullet Club Elite) (c) vs. Juice Robinson

Landon: I dunno. Was this supposed to be Beretta? Or was that ROH? Wait, that was a number one contenders...but then Cody...I need to pay more attention in 2019. Juice regains the title, and a lot of good that it did for anyone involved.

Justin: It's a rematch from two years ago.  Man, how far as Juice progressed since then?  Cody too, for that matter.  This match will be overshadowed on such a stacked card, but it's still gonna be a fine contest.  Juice should definitely get the win here.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship [1st Defence]
KUSHIDA (c) vs. Taiji Ishimori (Bullet Club Firing Squad)
Landon:This one will be interesting. Ishimori's never held the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title before, really his only claim of accolade in the division this year was leading his block in the Super Juniors, and there wasn't really much of a setup to this match besides "I want that". Which if the match is as good as I think it will be then that part doesn't matter. Ishimori takes it here from KUSHIDA in strong fasion, with no one else to challenge him in the near future unfortunately.

Justin: Looks like Ishimori will be taking Hiromu's spot in this division (I'm still upset about Hiromu).  This match will be excellent, and yet another potential show stopper.  Kushida winning the belt last fall in Hiromu's absence served as a bit of a division reset, and this match should mark the elevation of a new top Jr..  Hence Ishimori wins.

Jay White (Bullet Club Firing Squad) vs Kauchika Okada (Chaos)

Landon: Well, Jay's come a lot farther than I thought he would a year ago. In a way, being in a "Special Singles Match" at Wrestle Kingdom is something of a notable accomplishment; it means you did something to or with someone so big and impactful in the company that a title doesn't have to be on the line for the match to have meaning. I think I'm going to enjoy this match more than Jay's match with Tanahashi, but much like that match he's going to choke on what he bit off for himself. Rainmakers Everywhere.

Justin:Yet another hugely improved star, Jay White has had a rocket strapped to his back over the last year despite some initial reservations.  His WK12 match with Tanahashi was underwhelming, but White dug in and found a fantastically hateable villain persona, and it's worked wonderfully for him.  White is knocking at the door of the company's Big Four spots and will someday occupy one of them.  On this card this match seems like one of the lesser entries, but it could surprise everyone.  Jay White needs this win.
IWGP Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship [2nd Defense]

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon)
Landon: What a wild turn of events this year has given us. Wouldn't have guessed that Chris Jericho would have been the first man to hold both New Japan's and WWE's intercontinental Championships, but 2018 had enough insanity to go around. It'd be interesting to see who they put up against Jericho if he retained the title here, but in my heart I think Naito takes it. Not that he wants the damned thing, but he'll have it whether he wants it or not. Would Jericho stay if he wasn't champion? Probably not, but it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Justin:The rematch from Dominion, this will serve as a great change of pace from the rest of the show.  Jericho's new Terry Funk style of brawling is perfect for this stage of his career, and as a way to change up whatever card he's on.  The Dominion match was rather slow-paced but felt like a real fight, and this being the probably blowoff, I think we'll see both guys swinging for the fences and cutting a faster pace.  Naito obviously regains the I-C Title here.

Image result for wrestle kingdomIWGP Heavyweight Championship [4th Defense]
Kenny Omega (Bullet Club Elite) (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Landon: I never really had a feeling on Chris Charlton, besides that his book on New Japan was really, really good. Neither did I really have strong feelings about this match. I knew that Tanahashi and Omega would have to meet again eventually after their match in 2016, I wasn't interested in seeing it here for some reason. but then, on the last show of New Japan's 2018, Charlton got me hyped with one simple comparison. "Hiroshi Tanahashi considers Professional wrestling a Theocracy[...]Kenny Omega sees it as a Meritocracy". That fucking hit me right in the soul. It made me step back and ask myself how I saw wrestling. Was it a business or a church? Certainly, we need men and women in wrestling who see it both ways, and 2018 has been a year fueled by both. For every Elite running All In and AEW, we need Okadas, Miyaharas and Kiyomiyas who are here for their companies because they love them. So which do I solidly stand with? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm backing Tanahashi in this fight. Omega's pursuit and win of the IWGP Heavyweight title will still be one of the greatest journeys of my fandom, but his reign ends on January 4th

Justin: It's the clash of styles.  The time-tested Japanese gladiator vs. the iconoclastic gaijin.  I'd forgotten that we've only seen this match once before, nearly three years ago.  Omega has come so far since then, Tanahashi has defied his age so many times since then, and they're on the biggest possible stage when their company is on the cusp of attaining a global footprint.  Omega and Tanahashi will not allow themselves or each other to have anything less than a ***** match.  This main event will be on par with Tana-Okada, thus creating a brand new all-time great rivalry.  I think Tanahashi wins the belt one last time, setting up a rematch at MSG.

Thanks for reading! I'm glad that I can turn my passion for wrestling into something that so many people enjoy. If you want to get regular updates on when I release more reviews, you can follow me at Twitter at @LSWayne21. And if you're still looking for your fix on wrestling, check out, where I got my start in reviewing and still contribute from time to time.
All of the New Japan I watch can be found on New Japan World. See you on the other side of New Years.

June 11, 2018

New Japan Pro Wrestling Presents: Dominion 2018

Fuck, I needed a Glass of Brandy and a Cigar after this one.

There was buzz in all the corners of my wrestling world about this one. People preemptively calling it the best show of the year, many saying of all time, caught me off guard. Was it going to be really? Wrestle Kingdom was packed, not to mention the other great shows of the year's past.
But Fuck, was I wrong.
This was, as I texted to my brother at 7:30 in the morning, the best wrestling show I've ever seen. Top to bottom the show flowed great, and while not every match was a homerun, they didn't all have to be. Now, I'm going to be reporting every match finish cause that's just how I roll. But if you want to avoid the spoilers, there's a star rating sitting all alone at the end of each match report for a TL:DR recommendation. All the fluff outta the way, let's get started.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships [3nd Defense]
El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (Suzuki-Gun) (c) vs SHO and YOH (CHAOS)
There was no breaks in this match, and it was definitely better the second time watching it. At 92 days, Desperado and Kanemaru are the longest reigning Jr. Tag Champs in the past 2 years. That's crazy but it's also telling to how the Jr. Tag Titles are a proverbial hot potato. I thought that Roppongi 3K had this easily, their potential as individuals is huge but right now they could be very comfortable at the top of the tag team pile. I would have slated Desperado to challenge for the Junior Heavyweight title down the road, and he still might as one half of the tag champs. Whoops, let the ending slip, didn't I? After several attempts to cheat, Kanemaru planted SHO with his bottle of Suntory, before Despy pinned him with some variety of clutch pin. A good opener, but not phenomenal like I know it could be.

March 20, 2018

Zero1 Presents: Dream Series, Sozo no Jin

Alright, its been a month and a half since I reviewed anything. So it's time to get back into the swing of things. I have 50 days worth of All, New, and NOAH to catch up on ( still trying to figure out how I'm presenting all of that), but I figured before I publish my thoughts on all of that, I could take a few days to review one of my new favorite follows, Zero1. If you go back to my first Zero1 review, I really enjoyed what I found, walking in practically blind. So was the follow up show just as good?
Let's find out.

Highlights of Yoshikazu Yokoyama vs. Shoki Kitamura
 Yokoyama has the worst hair ever. It's like some strange lovechild of a Pompadour and a Mullet. I mentioned in the review for the New Year's show that there was obviously some joke I was missing with Yokoyama, and I was so right. He's basically the parts of Ryuske Taguchi and Tichi that no one likes and cranks it to 12. He's cocky and loudmouthed but is beyond satirical in how much he can't back it up. You may think this sounds terrible, but it works so well here/ Kitamura took it to him, including the goddamndest spear you've ever seen in your life from a Young Boy, before Yokoyama hurriedly cut him off and tapped him a Camel Clutch. Shoki joins Kohei Sato and Tomoyuki Oka  as my favorite Young Boys right now.

Highlights of TARU, KAMIKAZE, Hartley Jackson & Chris Vice vs. Super Tiger, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Shoji Fukushima & Towa Iwasaki
The entire segment was just to show off VooDoo Murder's shiny new toy, Vice. Opening slaughtering of a Young Boy lead to the ending minute of the match with a Package Piledriver from hell on Iwasaki. Iwasaki is currently not one of my favorite Young Boys right now.